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EveryMeasure is currently in Beta

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EveryMeasure Drive
makes test and measurement data better

Don't let your data slow you down. Optimize it with time-series database storage.

EveryMeasure Drive 101

Easy setup - Better data - Immediate value

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1. Upload & convert

2. Explore & visualize

3. Share & collaborate

Upload and convert your T&M data into Streams; a time-series database file that is optimized for lightning fast querying, exploration, and visualization. 

Use the Stream Viewer to create visualizations, locate important ranges of data, and downsample data on the fly, from anywhere, without having to write any code.

Communicate insights and highlight points of interest with built in text and graphical annotations and a familiar shared file system.

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What is EveryMeasure Drive?

Why EveryMeasure?

Why EveryMeasure
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Faster, smoother data

Large sets of data can be a pain to explore and work with.

EveryMeasure eliminates these challenges by automatically converting your data into
Streams; a time-series database that makes exploring and working with your data fast, efficient, and smooth.

Effortless visualizations

Visualizations help make data intuitive. However, writing custom code, cobbling together third party tools, and taking screen shots is often unintuitive and makes creating and sharing visualizations difficult..

EveryMeasure's Viewer makes data visualization easy by providing a user-friendly, no-code interface. With a few simple clicks, you can sort, filter, display, and downsample your data to highlight important trends and insights. When it comes time to collaborate, the Viewer support text and graphical annotations that you can easily export and share with others. 

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Stay on the same page

Spend less time managing file versions, and tracking down email attachments, and more time actually working with your test and measurement data. 

EveryMeasure's secure, shared file system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and provides a single place for your team to share and collaborate on T&M data.



Where we are headed

Just the beginning...

 Today, EveryMeasure makes it easy to use the cloud to optimize data that has already been captured.

 This is milestone one on the EveryMeasure roadmap.  It is the first step toward Digilent's vision of an end to end solution that will make harnessing the power of the cloud for test, measurement, and monitoring data easy, and accessible to anyone; regardless of existing cloud, coding, and web development skills.

EveryMeasure Roadmap

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